Luxury iPhone VS Real Gold iPhone

Every user of the iPhone sometimes may be considered as a high class or lover of luxury. There are numerous users of this brand worldwide, and millions and counting are either trying to upgrade to a better version of it or purchase one. It’s a sleek design, and utmost sophistication has made it one of the most luxurious phone and thereby contributed to it selling crazily. It consists of some tiny amount of gold and all other things that comprise it speaks about luxury.

However, possessing it might not speak so much about luxury anymore. Why? It is now generalized. Luxury can’t be readily available to anyone. It isn’t luxury anymore. The highest class of an iPhone which stills speaks luxury are the recent releases or, particularly, the iPhone 12 pro max. These sets still justify what the brand says since they are at the top of the list, and it might seem like there’s no place to go again.

Are you ready to upgrade your iPhone to a gold iPhone?

When one owns an iPhone 12 pro max, one might not feel the need to upgrade to a higher version. Critically, there’s no phone to upgrade to except if one decides to choose another luxurious brand as an additional factor.

But actually, there is a means to upgrade. One could upgrade to a more expensive and luxurious iPhone. How? By upgrading one goldplates and it becomes a big-ticket, far more costly when compared to the other generics. The distinction between the goldplated and the usual is obvious. The direct phone casing is usually removed, or another case could be placed on it to carve that new casing made of gold or other valuable metals.

The Luxurious doesn’t Discolour.

A new report recently suggests that some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini devices have discolouration on the aluminium linings over time. This is as a result of heat. The aluminium design, as opposed to the stainless steel edges found on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, in which the colour remains just as it is. The colours, four in number, begin to fade out gradually due to heat or sunlight, and the hue starts to fade.

This isn’t so with original gold as it doesn’t discolour. The colour is ever in that form of initial production. It keeps shining, and in fact, it is an asset that weighs more and more over time and more value for it.

Where to get your phone plated in gold

To get your phone plated, Leronza is the home for you. Twenty-four-karat gold and 18 rose gold or platinum with optional limited edition Croc embossed leather. Also available is Apple reinforced choice of coloured glass Epitome range, Swarovski or VS1 Diamond variants.

There are also free national/international shipping, certificate of authenticity/lifetime warranty, luxury presentation box, and scratch-resistant, clear shield protection.


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