Leronza Luxury 24K Gold Apple Watches
 Leronza Luxury 24K Gold Apple Watches
Leronza Luxury 24K Gold Apple Watches

24K Gold Apple Watch Series 4 with Milanese Strap

Regular price £2,197.00 GBP

Gold plated stainless steel face and strap
The New Apple Watch 4 embellished in 24k Gold, with Milanese strap.

The Apple Watch 4 is unlike no other. It can it tell the time and a lot more. By syncing with your calendar, your notes, and your schedule, it understands your personal use of time and allows for seamless management of your life.

Apart from timekeeping, the Apple Watch 4 will keep you connected to your contacts, integrating instant messages, email, and even emoji exchanges, streamlining your communication with those who matter most. The watch allows you to wear your heart on your wrist too. It can bring up your heartbeat rate once two fingers are pressed on the screen, allowing you to share how you feel with your loved one in seconds.

Apple Watch 4 also includes health benefits. With its Activity App, you can measure your movements, your exercise and even the way you stand and set goals to reach fitness targets and maintain a perfect posture throughout the day.

Starting Price: £1,997.00 40mm

Full Price: £2,197.00 44mm