Corporates Luxury Gifts

A warm welcome to Leronza the home of bespoke luxury

Leronza are possibly the only company of its kind in the world that can create the highest class bespoke and luxury customised corporate gifts in 24k Gold, Rose gold, Platinum and even high quality diamonds, from the latest iPhone or iMac to diamond encrusted watch brands like Rolex, Real Roses enveloped in 24k Gold to Executive 24k Gold desk sets we have even created the most expensive 24k Gold bike.

We also provide the ultimate luxury gifts that can be laser engraved with your personalised message, logo, or even an endearing message. There is no better way to make such a lasting impression as a personalised and unique gift from a unique business.

The products that you see on this page are only a sample of luxury gifts we can provide, our passion and wealth of experience is often used to create the most unimaginable and unique products in the world, the experienced Leronza artisans have never been limited by imagination…….. We challenge you to challenge us with your requirements.