Look: World’s largest emerald, scooter made of pure gold; 4 priceless items at new Sharjah show

One of the largest emeralds in the world, a long traditional Emirati necklace and vehicles made of pure gold, are up on display at the glitzy and glamorous annual Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show, which kicked off in Sharjah on Wednesday.

Over 500 premium companies and brands from the UAE and around the world are exhibiting some of their best showstoppers and priceless jewellery. The event will take place throughout the weekend until February 4.

For the first time this year, several leading brands will showcase exclusive 2024 designs at the exhibition. On the first day of the event, shoppers thronged to the event to get their hands on the latest collections and grab special offers and sales.

The showstoppers were four unique items that were on display at the exhibition.

Prince of Kafubu

This 19,000-carat emerald stone coming from the Grizzly Mines in Zambia, is on display at the exhibition. Weighing a whopping 4kg, it is one of the largest emeralds in the world, as certified by the Swiss lab Gubelin. It is up for grabs to anyone who wants a unique piece of gemstone in their collection for a whopping Dh7.35 million.

Gold Cycle

If travelling in style is your cup of tea, then head to Al Romaizan Jewellery which has this 24K gold bike. The Jewellery collaborated with Leronza London to transform a British racing bike into this masterpiece. Priced at roughly Dh1.5 million, the bike will appeal to collectors with a golden eye.

Gold scooter

If bikes are not your thing, then shoppers have another option — this 24K Leronza scooter. A custom Ninebot Kickscooter, this one has been crafted with pure gold coating and has 10,244 crystals on it. But if you thought this was just a showpiece, think again. It has a 300W motor and advanced features like cruise control, for a comfortable ride. This unique piece is priced at a little over Dh2 million.

Traditional Emirati necklace

Emiratis are known for their extravagant jewellery pieces. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind traditional necklace, then this 2.2m long Mirtasha weighs 1 kilogram and is priced at Dh1.2 million. Crafter by Al Arabiya Jewellers, it is also on display at the exhibition.

Now, if you are looking for a combo offer, then Al Romaizan have one for you. Shoppers can buy the gold cycle, scooter and a set of three unique Egyptian ornament collection crafted in pure gold. The iconic pieces feature a half bust of Tutankhamun, Sphinx of Giza and a Mau Statue. The entire set is on sale for Dh7 million.

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