Warranty Info


LERONZA offers a 2-year customization warranty and one year for the device from the date of receiving your order. The service center determines the feasibility of conducting  warranty repairs or replacements for the malfunctioning equipment only after  inspecting the item. You need to keep the warranty certificate/Invoice during the entire period of the item use. The warranty certificate/ Invoice with the detailed conditions of warranty service  and return policy is provided with every item. 

The warranty service of the goods is performed in the authorized service center only.

The warranty period for the item’s components is:

  • For electronic components (if any) – twelve months;
  • For batteries (if any) – six months;
  • For the outer dressing and body covering – thirty days;
  • For cables, chargers (if any) – fourteen days.


  •  If any signs of liquid damage are discovered. Due to plating, the device is not water resistant.
  • If any signs of physical damage have been discovered including device display/screen.
  • Negligence, misuse, and overcharging are also listed as actions that can void the warranty.
  • Removing the protection foil will cancel the warranty.
  •  The existence of external or internal mechanical damage (such as crushed contacts, cracks, signs of impact, fractures, etc.) incurred due to improper use or during transportation of the item.
  •  Evidence of unauthorized repairs performed by non-authorized technicians on the item;
  •  Indications of damage resulting from accidents, impacts on the item (fire, moisture, dust, foreign objects, etc.);
  •  Indications of damage resulting from improper connection of the item to the electrical grid or unstable line voltage (frequency deviation from nominal by over 0.5%, voltage deviations by over 10%), as well as absence of grounding (or deviation from standard grounding);
  • Evidence of damage caused by the influence of virus programs;
  • Ingestion of moisture, dust, and dirt;
  • Indications of marks and damage caused by exposure to dust, sweat, corrosive chemicals, and gases (gasoline, paint, alkalis, acids, mercury, cleaning agents, solvents, adhesive agents, etc.);
  • Evidence of marks from electrical breakdowns, conductor burnouts, etc.;
  • Making any alterations to the device related to the software. This includes a) installing unlicensed software, b) updating the phone’s firmware in any manner other than official software updates;
  • Use of chemically active liquids for cleaning and polishing the phone.

If any of the circumstances are discovered, the seller bears no responsibility for the item’s faults. Additionally, the seller is not accountable for the compatibility of the item with third-party programs and products in terms of compatibility, system configuration, and driver installation. Moreover, the seller does not assure the compatibility of the item with the consumer’s hardware-firmware set. The service center holds no responsibility for the storage of information stored on magnetic or other media, nor for any damage resulting from information loss. Should an unwarranted request be made to the service center, the consumer may incur charges for diagnostic assessments of the defect and for sending the item to the service center. An unwarranted request is defined as one made for the correction of faults in the item’s operation that do not necessitate replacement or repair of component parts, or in cases deemed nonwarranty by the service center.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact customer service using the provided phone numbers on website.

1. Courier service handles both the delivery for diagnostic purposes and return of the item. Delivery is free only upon the condition of warranty repairs.

2. Warranty repairs are accepted only with a properly filled warranty certificate. Nonfunctioning items must be sent to the service center with all accessories, packaging, and technical documentation.

3. The duration of warranty repairs depends on the severity of the item’s defect and can extend up to 45 calendar days from the date of delivery to the service center, unless otherwise specified in a written agreement.


The item is not waterproof! Water ingestion into the item is prohibited! It is not  permitted to use the item without a soft case! The use of hard, snug-fitting cases made of leather, suede, plastic, or synthetic fibers can reduce the lifespan of the phone’s gold plating! Even after the warranty period expires, our service center remains at your disposal. Our skilled professionals are prepared to offer a range of solutions to address any issues with your LERONZA should they arise. As a reputable brand committed to top-tier service, LERONZA values its customers. If your purchased goods require repair, adjustment, or technical assistance, please send them to the authorized LERONZA service center. Please provide the service center’s address to our consultant via the following phone number: +971600560034.