Our Complementary Support during COVID-19 for friends, family and those fighting for us daily

Here at Leronza we want to we want to offer a goodwill gesture to many families that have been separated and for those friends who we are not able to visit physically, during the worlds COVID-19 pandemic, Leronza purveyor of luxury gifts and service are offering a 20% discount if more than one of their 24k Gold or Platinum preserved real roses are purchased, the offer comes exclusively with free next day delivery if based in the U.K or Europe and 3 days if delivery is outside of Europe.

Furthermore we are offering a special thank you to any health worker i.e a nurse or community worker that works with vulnerable people, if you know of someone, contact or email us through our website or call +97143309600 and order any 24k Gold, Red, Pink, Violet, White and Platinum rose we will send one completely free of charge if based in the U.K to the person of your choice, as long as they are a registered care worker.

Like everyone at home, we are hoping this difficult period passes and we can once again be with our loved ones. We do encourage however, that you stay in contact with friends and family. Of course, to all those who are risking their lives everyday to prevent and cure those who have been less fortunate, make sure they are receiving as much support as possible.

You can order a range of different colored Gold, Red, Pink, Violet, White and Platinum roses from our website.

Or to bless a health/care worker please email us through the contact page of our website and we will make sure your chosen person gets a gold rose for free when you place your order.

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