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A Perfect Personalised Gift

In the world of today, technology has no limit. A type of technology that has recorded resounding success and undeniable acceptance is the mobile smartphone world. Over the years, tech companies have battled over who wears the crown and the battle seems not to end anytime soon. However, many individuals have conclusively picked their kings […]

The Pink Star

What is the most expensive ring in the world? Well, you would be looking at The Pink Star, it currently comes in at a massive 59.60 carat of the pink diamond. This gorgeous stone is set into a platinum ring with two white diamonds. In 2013 it set an incredible record at the auction. After […]

The New Ferrari Roma

Looking into 2020 we have many new supercars but one that stands out is the Ferrari Roma starting at $225,000. This incredible Italian model is a beautiful design. Hailing from the Maranello headquarters it was named after the country’s capital city. Of course, Rome’s grandeur is directly shown here with this supercar. The style they […]

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