Leronza Launches World’s First Customized 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Leronza Luxury 24K Gold Samsung S22 Ultra

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leronza is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first ever customized 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Smartphone with an exotic, limited-edition black crocodile skin.

Leronza is a world-renowned company at the forefront of creating dazzling pieces of bespoke jewelry, high end gadgets, and other items for discerning clients from all over the world. At its core, the company is passionate about luxury lifestyles and is equally passionate about fine and unique jewellery pieces and awe-inspiring customized smartphones.

In the company’s most recent news, Leronza has released one of the most stunning smartphones to date – a 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with an exotic, limited-edition black crocodile skin. This new and customised smartphone, designed by Samsung, is set to revolutionise photography and video, with features such as cinematic 8K resolution, allowing users to capture photos straight out of video. The device works on all networks and comes with lifetime warranty and a certificate of authenticity.

“Leronza is possibly the only company of its kind in the world that can create the highest class, bespoke, and luxury customised corporate gifts in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, and even high-quality diamonds and solid gold,” says Connor McCarthy, founder of the company. “Whether you want the latest iPhone or Samsung, diamond encrusted watch brands like Rolex and Real Roses enveloped in 24k Gold, executive 24k Gold desk sets, and even the most expensive 24k Gold bike, we can create it. We also provide the ultimate luxury gifts that can be laser engraved with your personalised message, logo, or even an endearing message. There is no better way to make such a lasting impression as a personalised and unique gift from a unique business. We invite you to view our brand-new addition on our website to see how remarkable the 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra truly is.”

Prices for the 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra start from £3699.

For more information about Leronza, or to place an order for this once-in-a-lifetime product, please visit www.leronza.com.

About Leronza

Leronza was founded in 1995 by owner, Connor McCarthy, a renowned business tycoon in London, United Kingdom. In 2017, due of the high demand in the Gulf region, the company chose to expand its operations in Dubai and the UAE – openings its first luxury showroom with resounding success. Today, Leronza operates internationally using its user-friendly online platform to reach prospective clients.

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