Practical yet Stylish

Practical yet stylish is truly the perfect combination. Who doesn’t want something they can utilise and look good while doing it?

The NEW Apple Watch Series 5 is unlike no other, a watch of the future. Taking it up a level from your standard time telling instrument, this lavish watch can sync with your iPhone to manage your notes, calendar, messages and even pay for those new pay of Gucci’s. Streamlining your communication with those who matter the most, whether it be that someone special or an important business associate, it makes managing your day to day life that much simpler.

You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve as well, with a new built in heart rate monitor you can easily track your work outs and show that someone special just how much they take your breath away.

Keeping you connected with the rest of the world on the go, Leronza has turned this already specular design into a lavish accessory embellished in 24k Gold with a fire Milanese Strap. This beautiful, sleek design will have those heads turning next time your flick your wrist to check the time.

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