The World’s Most Expensive Watch!

Of course, the world’s most expensive watch might be the Graff Diamonds Hallucination, coming in at $55 Million but what makes an expensive watch? A number of factors drive up the price including craftsmanship, make, materials the list goes on and on.


Take Rolex for example one watch could take a year to make and by hand. The skill required over the length of a year is unthinkable not only this but someone companies at engravings and gemstones to add to the level of difficulty.

Expensive materials 

The price is driven by materials. There is a massive difference between a solid gold watch and stainless steel watches. Even if it is the same model, expensive watches equal expensive materials.

Limited number

There are a limited number of watches made of a particular model. The rarer model will also increase its value. Of course, this ties in with how long each takes to make with the care and dedication that has been put into it.

So the most expensive watch? Well as we mentioned earlier it’s the Graff Diamonds Hallucination price at a mild $55 Million. This watch with an array of colors was first introduced during Baselword in 2014. A piece of art that is laden with diamonds coming in with a whopping total of 110 carats. If you look closely at the watch you will see each diamond is cut into hearts, marquise, and other shapes. One of the most remarkable things about this design is each individual gem was hand-placed by a gem setter. Nestled in the center is the clock face surrounded by pink diamonds.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship can be clearly seen in this masterpiece and would have taken over a year if not longer to make. With the most expensive materials around but does it warrant its $55 Million price tag? Yes, it most certainly does.

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