The Pink Star

What is the most expensive ring in the world? Well, you would be looking at The Pink Star, it currently comes in at a massive 59.60 carat of the pink diamond. This gorgeous stone is set into a platinum ring with two white diamonds.

In 2013 it set an incredible record at the auction. After a back and forth between bidders it settled on a whopping $83 million. To contrast in 2017 when it was sold for 12 Million less. This was probably due to an intense bidding war back in 2013. But the gentlemen who bought it Isaac Woolf was unable to finance the ring. He wanted to name it ‘The Pink Dream’ but instead when it was later sold and named, The Pink Star.

When the Gemological Institute of America observed it, they found it was the most internally flawless Fancy Vivid Pink diamond that had ever been graded. It was actually discovered in South Africa in 1999 and over the next 20 months, they carefully cut the diamond before unveiling it in May 2003.

Here is a breakdown of what you will get when purchasing this wonderful, extravagant ring. Carat weight is a beautiful 59.60. The color a Fancy Vivid Pink, with the shape being oval. It measures at 2.69cm by 2.06cm. The origin was South Africa being first mined in 1999. The price currently holds at $71.2 Million.

This is truly one of the most exquisite pieces of art and design in the world and retains its value due to the rarity and craftsmanship of it. When valuing a ring there are many components that come into play. The certificate of the diamonds, how much the ring was bought for when first at auction. The center stone, the metal also of course whether it is vintage or an antique. Then how you choose to sell the ring. This has a large impact on the price.

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