World’s Most Luxurious Airlines

Everybody loves to travel in style and comfort, of course, first class being our first option. Over the past few years, we have been graced with some very luxurious airlines and suites, but this year sees some of the most amazing additions to the luxury airline fleet!


Channel 4’s recent documentary The World’s Most Luxurious Airlines showcased some of the finest airline companies and their incredible first-class suites. Singapore Airlines is looking to overtake Etihad Airlines as the most luxurious airline the world has to offer. Recently unveiling their next luxury first-class suites, which are worlds apart from the cramped and chaotic conditions associated with economy class, Singapore Airlines has truly outdone themselves.


On arrival first-class flyers are welcomed with a vintage Dom Périgon, their luxury pods include real leather armchairs, 32-inch TV and even little amenities, such as fragrances and moisturises, to keep them looking and smelling their best during the flight. For their in-flight meals, the first-class flyers can expect their gourmet food, which instead of your usual packet peanuts you can opt for steak and lobster Thermidor, to be served on bone China. As for those long hauls and red-light flights, why not relax and kick back in your private, personal sleeping pod fitted with luxury cotton duvet by French brand Lalique.


Singapore Airlines has truly thought of every little detail needed to make their very wealthy clientele extremely happy during every flight, making sure they are presented with the finest service and hospitality. So, if you appreciate the finer things in life, Singapore Airlines is definitely for you.


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